Each painting was created to communicate that very moment when language alone is not adequate. Where as a writer might feel he can’t run out of the exact words needed, an artist only begins with words to explain beautiful sights. But an artist evolves into seeing pictures in her mind’s eye. In an attempt to be verbally descriptive, there can be a lot of stammering and frustration. Seeing in our mind can’t relay the images to another. Have we not all helplessly stumbled over phrases, knowing that there aren’t words coined yet to share spectacular scenes?

The mind is stretching to construct the perfect description. There is a language barrier to cross over when words alone will not do. Painting commences in an attempt to capture that moment. Painting begins with a foundation of words, written words, and is completed with lines, textures, shapes and colors.

Writing words, then painting the spaces between the words launches the observer into a new, more complex realm. These two combined forms of description bring closer an exact moment, the precise time when you feel compelled to explain what beautiful sight you are seeing. The feeling then is “ electric” in its power.

Summer Rains

22 x 28"


Spring Landscape

24 x 27.5"


Summer Sunset

24 x36"


Bright Evening II

16 x 20"



24" x 36"


Summer Mountains

24 x 36"


Great Glen Storm

22 x 26 "


Great Glen II 20 x 24"

$ 900.

California Hills

18 x 24 "



12 x 16"


I Entanglements I 17" x 33"

Entanglements II 22" x 28"

Entanglements III 24 " x 36"