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Artist's Biography

Lucinda Alston Chapman is a mixed-media artist with a Bachelor’s degree in Ceramics and Master’s degree in Design. Her major interests remain painting and paper collage. Her subject matter ranges from alphabets and communication word play to psychology and science.

Lucinda has had over 80 solo, invitational and jury exhibitions. She’s won first place and top awards at the national and international levels with her visually layered series collages. Her work is in private and University collections throughout the United States.

In 2002, Lucinda was juried onto the national register at The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C.

General Statement

Certain ideas have always grabbed my attention and sustained my interest. These concepts surface at unexpected times. Written phrases, overheard conversations or sights trigger these notions. Mental impressions arise when hearing meaningful words or phrases. Witnessing repetitive behavior or visual scenes can bring on a similar response.

Important ideas that surface are psychological traits or instincts in all humans/ birds/fish and animals. Thoughts of evolution (change) and the human mind complexities are significant. Once these ideas or patterns are acknowledged, the haunting question arises, "What if?…” This is where exciting creativity comes in as I sift and sort visuals in my mind’s eye.

Written language can be filled with multiple meanings, levels of thought and subtext. Double-layered meanings are endlessly intriguing. I am drawn to paper collage, drawing and painting because they best represent our visual world in all of its mysteries.

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